About Us

SecureScribe Transcription Services Limited has commited to, and provably delivered, accurate timely transcriptions both securely and confidentially since 1995.

We offer voice and video transcription services for all organizations and industries including, but not limited to: Corporate, Legal, Insurance, Health, Entertainment,  Court, Investigative and Policing and Health and Safety where outsourcing is a benefit.

Our long rich history has taught us the importance of context based transcription rather than by-the-word or by-the-sentence transcription models so prevalent today.  

Our transcribers have 98% accuracy or better, demonstratively holding the highest precision rates in our industry. We work with only the most experienced, educated, talented and committed individuals.  Our attitude translates to your project.



A successful working relationship

There are three elements of a successful working relationship between an organization and a transcription vendor:

  • Clear details, project scope and turnaround time

  • A positive personal relationship and mutual understanding

  • Optimal document security and confidentiality


These three cornerstone elements provide a strong foundation for an effective productive long-term relationship. As part of that process it is important we understand your transcription needs and set mutally acceptable expectations. We view ourselves as a value-added part of the remote access team working toward your organizational project success.

Utilization of SecureScribe services allows clients to minimize time, expense and overall costs associated with in-house per seat staffing freeing valuable resources to be redirected and refocused on the attainment of core business goals and objectives.

SecureScribe is the ultimate solution for your transcription needs.  Allow us to undertake and participate in your transcription project and work to build an alliance for the future in a secure, integrity based, quality conscious manner.